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Hip, Knee, & Foot Pain and Chiropractic

Specialty Treatments in Chiropractic Care

Lewisville Chiropractor for leg painYour ability to move about freely is major factor in determining how happily you live your life. Having learned to walk at an early age, you go about your daily business without thinking about the act of walking. However, it takes many thousands of complex signals between the brain and the muscles in our legs and feet and toes to take one solitary step.
Imagine having that taken away from you.

If you suffer from

  • hip pain
  • leg pain
  • sciatica
  • pins and needles
  • numbness
  • burning in the feet

then you should consider giving us a call.

Many problems associated with leg pain are caused by issues with the lower back and pelvic area. Misalignments of the spinal bones in the lower back can irritate nerves that radiate down the lower back, causing pains radiating down one or both legs. This is commonly referred to as sciatica, and chiropractic can assist.

At Shine Chiropractic we will assess all of your joint functions including your feet and knees to see if the bones are all operating properly. If they are not – and are left untreated – it could lead to feet, knee, hip and lower back pain.

Back Pain can be debilitating, and we can help.  If you are looking for a Lewisville Chiropractor for Back Pain, Hip Pain, Leg Pain, Sciatica Nerve Pain, Numbness, Burning in the Feet or other issues, give Shine Chiropractic a call!  Dr. B is trained in many different Chiropractic Treatments to be able to help you get pain relief fast.