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About Shine Chiropractic

Shine Chiropractic offers conservative and non-surgical care. This care is delivered by Dr. Dori Bonitatibus, DC. Our doctor is well trained and highly skilled in delivering high quality care.

Our Chiropractic Clinic is conveniently located in Lewisville, TX on Hebron Parkway on the East side of I-35.

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Who We Are

You can rest assured that you will receive the best possible care at Shine Chiropractic. Our doctor really listens to your concerns and designs a treatment plan that is tailored to address your specific problem.

​We focus on the vitalistic philosophy of chiropractic. The body has the ability to heal itself. Our gentle treatments relieve pain and restore the body to wellness.

Why Chiro?

Many have come to think of a doctor as someone who prescribes advice and drugs, or performs surgery. Sporting a white lab coat or surgical scrubs with a stethoscope at the neck, doctors are seen as all-knowing, omnipotent and able to save patients in 60 minutes, less commercials.

A medical doctor (MD) and a chiropractor (DC) while different, have both received a degree from a government accredited medical school or chiropractic college and are licensed to practice.

​Each discipline looks at health and healing in very different ways:
Medical Doctors
  • Sees the disease
  • Studies the blood
  • Relies on drugs
  • Treats symptoms
  • Sees the person with the disease
  • Improves nervous system integrity
  • Reduces causes of nerve interference
  • Promotes proper bodily function
Clearly, these are two very different philosophies. Yet, each has its place. If you have broken bones or you’re bleeding by the side of the road, you want the lifesaving measures of emergency medical treatment. But if you have chronic aches and pains or an interest in wellness, you may want the health restoration possible that is the focus of chiropractic care.