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Auto Accident Chiropractic​ in Lewisville, Tx

Specialty Treatments in Chiropractic Care

Auto Accident Chiropractor Lewisville TxHave you been in a car accident? Are you suffering from chronic pain because of your injury?

You don’t need to suffer – learn how chiropractic can help you recover from auto accident injuries.

Auto accident injuries are a common source of chronic pain, but getting proper treatment soon after your car accident can help you recover faster.

Most auto accident injury pain originates in the spine, and that’s why chiropractic can be beneficial: we get to the underlying trauma that you experienced and help your body heal.

Could You Have Whiplash?

Injury to the body is caused when one part of the body moves too quickly in relation to another part of the body. In whiplash, the head and torso are moving in different directions, resulting in damage to the tissues of the neck.

The neck is a very complex structure, though, and there are many important nerves and blood vessels that travel through the neck to other parts of the body. Damage to these tissues can cause a complex set of symptoms that can be difficult to diagnose. In addition, other parts of the body—such as the shoulder and lower back—can be subjected to dramatic forces, as well. This can result in pain in different parts of the body.

If you’ve been in an Auto Accident and want Chiropractic Care, call us at Shine Chiropractic.  Dr. B will make sure that you go through a thorough evaluation and she will develop a special Chiropractic Care Plan for you in our Lewisville Chiropractic offices.  There’s no reason to continue to live with the pain and injuries that are associated with Auto Accidents, so call today to schedule an appointment!